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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Meal of the day, "Toilet bowl tomyam soup"

Yumi came back to our little pearl island for Qing Ming from KL, so before she goes back we went out with part of our used to be “kuih club geng”. The restaurant Located at the upper level of our largest mall in northern region, Queensbay Mall.

It is a restaurant with toilet as their theme. Thank god there is no shitty food in their menu although I encounter with some shitty incident during my meal. First Yumi ticked the wrong choice of food for me then when asked for another bowl from the waitress, she also ticked the wrong one. Sheesh. Is it so hard for a girl to get a bowl of curried chicken baked rice?? Sigh.. Well “To add salt to the wound”, literally, my food is too salty. Ouih @@”

Ok lar, Not all the food here taste yucky, some of the food here is still edible. The tomyam soup is very nice since I’m allergic to seafood, the Tomyam Chicken did served me well. The Oreo drink that Alex order taste nice too.

When you dine in your toilet, you probably don’t want to leave out the Kodak moment. Not everyday you get to eat in your “Lavatory”, “Restroom”, “Washroom”, or the simplest “TOILET”.

T Menu

Even their table followed the theme

Shower anyone??

That potty is calling for some Kodak moment.. uhuhuh..
wait til i finish the soup..

Cute right... but who would ever thought of filling food in the potty..

Tomyam Soup.. Yummy

oiyoyo.. Alex is confused, eating in the toilet, eat right out of the potty.. @@"

Roy & Nana
Nana look like he is Kek Kin Sai, While Roy look like he just Pang Sai

"Nop.. No yucky poo in this loo", said Alex. ^^

Mua and Yumi darling..

Finnally.. me on the potty.. very rare.. very rear indeed... >=]

*Prison, Toilet and...??
I wonder where I'll dine in next??!! Closet?? wuahahahaha


eaxan said...

tis is in queensbay 1 hor... haha

jolyn cutiez said...

yes ler... ^^