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Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Night behind BARS!!!

I didn’t exactly go to jail and eat any curried chicken rice or a night out in bars as in Drinking’s bar bars. Heh… Just a
Japanese Restaurant called Obake-Ya.

The place is simply awesome with their jail like interior design and decoration. The food there is kind of so-so only but worthwhile for wonderful picture snapping with family and friends. Like me who are well known for my cam-freak persona, I surely did not snap "fair share" but TONS of photos. Apparently I’m not the only one there because you will see camera’s flash flashing here and there throughout the restaurant.

I suggested for those who follows to the dinner to wear jail theme outfit, thus me and B’s sibling end up with either black or white and even stripe clothing to match the place. I’m lucky to be surrounded by so supportive people that always cool enough to put up with my wild ideas. Yay me.. ^^

Ying with her BF..

Just getting started

This underage kid pretending to be drunk..

while this guy of mine is a drunkard who don't drink.. go figure

He looks like the old days Japanese soldier, just slightly different coz he is not carrying a mean look but a lady’s handbag. Lolololol..

Hey.. the goatee seems to be a trend eh.. =P

my sis gettin all emo @.@"

aiyo... too dark..

heee.. Us.. all caged up..

sounds like Black Chicken Meat in hockien.. =P

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