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Saturday, April 07, 2007


From the lil island to the roaring city, from makeup less to high heels, phew.. what a trip. We mappers went all the way to Singapore for abseiling and wall climbing training with the SYFC. Wall climbing was still alright as its physically challenging but when abseiling it was tough because I’m mentally challenged. It’s my fear of falling (well still got the rain, slippery rocks..etc) prevented me from abseiling down (10 storey high) smoothly. Well I’m still here to write this blog means I’m still very much alive (hallelujah). Even though it’s tough but never regret of following because it toughen me up. Some days are way harder to get through compared to all that. I love all this as it added knowledge and strengthen me. Had loads of fun despite all the bruises that I gain from this training. Love MAPS more & more!! Not because they make me feel young by treating me like a kid ofcoz *ehem*

training very hard before we head for the real thing the next day.. @.@"

we.. mapppers.. all sticky & oily after whole day stil manage to go kai kai at esplanade =P

me lookin like a kid with my backpack.. =D

this picca remind me of "2 Fast 2 Furious"

me & DING aka my twins =D

me & Ding @ the Dairy Farm..

we & the hill that we abseiled down.. may not look very high but wait till ur way up there...

After 2 days hard rock training, it’s time to party with my dearly Tracy. After abseiling at the Dairy Farm, I'm still all hype up to go clubbing with Tracy at Dragonfly. The next day just got better as we went for mall hopping till 5++ malls; Suntec, Vivocity, Tangs... forgot d.. ehehe.. All I know is my leg was in so much pain due to my killer heels but my heart still eager to roam for more.. =P I’m grateful to Tracy as she sacrificed her time for me. She even took two days leave to go nuts with me... so so touching.. :')

Stunning Place + Gorgeous Pal = Excellent

Aint these cute... =)

Just cant stop my self from fooling around... =P seriously.. can anyone see the resemblances?? lol

P.O.S.E.. with my Idol.. lol..

Just smile n Wave~~
Time really flies when you’re having fun as 5 days trip just past by in a blink. All I know is Singapore gave me the feeling of safe (minus the abseiling part, 10q) as I have no worries (well not as much compared to my hometown) for rapist, robbers, snatch theft, and etc. Applause for the city of Singa yang memang tak pura-pura hebat...

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